Interactive whiteboards

Do you want to brainstorm online, visualize project workflows, or get your team ot students involved an interactive task? Create your interactive whiteboard on Pruffme now and get things done easier and with fun!

Limitless workspace

Limitless boards can store all your visual templates and diagrams. Unleash your creativity with an endless canvas.

Diverse set of tools

Discover your creativity with a set of stickers, digital markers and shapes. You don't have to be a designer to make your meetings spectacular. Arrows, shapes, stickers, and a brush provide an easy way to encourage your team to visualize ideas and collaborate.

Follow users at your whiteboard

Use real-time cursor tracking and turn passive visitors into engaged participants.

Up to 20 users at once at your workspace

Work together with up to 20 users at once. Watch what other users are doing real-time or access anytime.

Relevant business templates and thematic scenarios

You can get started even faster by choosing one of the many ready-made templates. From building business models, and user stories (CJM) to marketing funnels, charts, diagrams, mind maps, and organizational structures. Set up and host virtual meetings with robust pre-built templates, or create and save your own.

Download canvasesin PNG and JPG format

You can download your canvases and share them to your clientsin PNG or JPG formats.

Upload images, screenshots and files

Keep all your files connected to the whiteboard by embedding documents and images with a mouse click or add instant screenshots.

Public and private access to boards

Work with confidential information safely and restrict sharing options when it matters. Manage access by assigning roles and permissions. More visibility, more control.

Commentsand feedback

Ideal solution for designers and creative teams working with their clients. Visualize your workflows and collect feedback.

Synchronizationwith all participants

Whether you are doing digital brainstorming, documenting a meeting, teaching students, or managing an agile workflow, the possibilities for collaboration are endless due to the real-time synchronization with everyone using workspace.

Let them vote

Get to know which ideas your team likes the most by adding a voting option to any element of your board.

Add stickers

Bring in some creative energy into your meetings. Colorful stickers make online meetings more productive and fun.

Professional work with a brush on a tablet

Create sketches and illustrations using your tablet and whiteboards. Customize brushes and pick colours to create an instant drawing.

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